The Worst Software Ever


Below are a list of a few pieces of software that I advise you look for on your computer and if you find them then remove them before they cause you trouble.


Trusteer Raport or Endpoint Security.

Spyware from your bank, this program is suggested by your bank they say its security software but its not it’s a program that spies on your internet activity. Its also slows your computer down and causes problem that makes your browser crash – Remove it from your computer.

Microsoft Security essentials.

Microsoft attempt at Antivirus software, it only scans for around 20 known viruses so it totally useless against the 3 million other viruses that can affect your computer. Uninstall it from your computer and install a real virus scanner like AVG or Avast.

Norton Antivirus or Internet security.

The worst piece of Adware on the plant, if it was half as good at protecting you as it is at advertising its self then it might be a good virus scanner. In fact it’s a very poor virus scanner that cost a lot of money. Uninstall it from your computer and install a real virus scanner like AVG or Avast.

McAfee Antivirus

An OK virus scanner not the best or the most effective, it has one very big downside its extremely large and extraordinary SLOW!!! This causes your computer to run slowly, causes the browser to crash and pages to unresponsive. Uninstall it from your computer and install a real virus scanner like AVG or Avast.

Panda Antivirus

Very pretty but completely useless as a virus scanner it more likely to block things you want and know are safe than find anything dangerous.  Uninstall it from your computer and install a real virus scanner like AVG or Avast.


This one has been around for a very long time, a free email program that look nice, has lots of additions and even talks to you. What they don’t tell you is that its sharing your email out over the internet so that it can be used for marketing, who knows who’s reading it. Uninstall it and download Thunderbird which is very good and safe.

Advance System care

This reports to be a program that will clean and speed up your computer. Its more likely to remove vital components from the Windows registry and therefore crash the computer. Do not trust program that report they will fix everything and boost your speed – 99% are fakes and are dangerous to use. Ccleaner does all these things and it 100% safe.

Driver Booster

A program that look for out of date drivers on your computer and updates them to the latest version. Unfortunately is all too often misidentifies the hardware and download the wrong driver which will cause the computer to crash. Remove this kind of software from your computer – instead look at the Windows update Optional updates for Microsoft approved and tested driver updates.

Hotspot shield

A neat utility to hide your location allowing you to access things like iPlayer, unfortunately it is also used to spy on your internet activity and can be used to hack your computer and install Malware. Its not safe uninstall it from the computer and check out Unotelly.com very safe and much better.

Nitro PDF

This comes installed on many new computers, it reports to be a free PDF reader but after a few uses it wants you to register and pay for it. All you get when you pay is the ability to create PDF documents, which you can do for free using PDFcreator, Libreoffie, Openoffice and many other free programs. Remove it and download the real Adobe PDF reader.

Opera Browser

This browser alternative has been around for a long time, its used to be the fastest browser and much safe then Internet explorer or Firefox but it has lost its way over the years. The real downside for me is that the free version is Ad supported meaning part of the page/toolbar area is taken up by an advert. And why pay for a browser when Google Chrome is 100% free and so good.

My PC Backup and Boxore Client

These two are often found lurking on computers, they are both fake programs that steal data and open the flood gates to other unwanted programs. If you see either of these programs then you should uninstall them IMEADIATLY and run a full scan with Malwarebytes and ADWcleaner to make sure the computer is safe to use.

Three Safe programs that can save the day.


Ccleaner – a cleaner that removes junk and temporary file, cleans the registry and cane be used to uninstall program and stop program from starting. www.piriform.com

Malwarebytes – A fantastic free scanner that look for malicious programs and things that your virus scanner misses. It not only finds them but removes them too. www.malwarebytes.org

ADWcleaner – This neat little program finds and remove adware and browser hijacks, its free to download and use but its update regularly so you need to download the latest version each and every time you use it. https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner