Something Fun for Christmas


Well that boring old computer that’s sat in the corner and that you only use a little over Christmas can be made to be a bit more cheerful. How about adding some Christmas Fairy lights, a snowy scene or a splendid Christmas tree, download one of Microsoft Theme packs for free, a Theme will change the background picture on the desktop at regular intervals and add colour and even sounds.




Just download the theme you want and double click on it, or click Run. Very easy.


Alternatively send a few Christmas e-cards with Jacquie Lawson, lovely cards for all the year but especially fun at Christmas, she even produces a fantastic Advent calendar and some really lovely screen savers many with a Christmas theme. The screen savers are free but the advent calendar cost 3 euros and a years membership for the cards cost 8.5 euros, good value.




And finally for the biggest laugh of the season try Elf Yourself, this hilariously funny site turns a photo of yourself, or loved one into a dancing elf. Its been around for years but still makes me laugh every time is see it. Give it a try and then send the dancing elf to all your friends.




To see my elf dancing click here http://www.elfyourself.com/?mId=62927385.3