Report nuisance calls.bloctel

After many years the service that blocks advertising calls, has been given some teeth and only time will tell if it will be more affective.

Some people get endless calls all day from these people and pestered all the time. Many of us do not answer calls if we see the number is withheld or form 01 numbers as we know it will be a sales call.

If you originally registered in 2016 you will probably have to register again to activate your account. It’s a very simple process to register with the governments new Bloctel service, after your registration you can start reporting offenders.

It is important that as many people as possible report nuisance callers, the more reports that bloctel receive about a repeat offender the more likely they are to be able to take action against them.

To report a caller, login to Bloctel and click on “Dépôt de Réclamation”, tick the type of contact, you can report a telephone call, sms or email. Tick that you own the line, and that its private not a professional.

Next tick the options that apple to the call, if in doubt click Non. Finally, you can type in the telephone number of a nuisance caller and any other details if you have them. This is the big change, before you had to know the name and address, now you only need the telephone number.

Since I’ve started reporting every single nuisance caller the number of calls has dropped considerably, the more people that report the betting it will get for everyone.