Why are Updates so important?


Updates are the way software manufacturers fix problems with their software, these problems are usually security related or make the software more stable to stop it crashing and often include new functions or a new design.

Many people are reluctant to install updates, often fearing they are going to change everything or give them things they don’t want. In some cases they are right, some update do tag on extra software that you don’t want so its important to read the install messages very carefully.

No matter how much you don’t want things to change its vitally important that all software on your computer stays up to date, irrelevant if you use that software or not it still needs to be updated.

The most important of all the updates are the Operating system updates, whether its Windows or MacOS, Android or iOS. Most of the time these updates are automatic but sometimes you see a message especially on a phone or tablet requesting to update, always allow the updates to install.

For Mac users you also need to check once a year for the next version of MacOS, it does not always install automatically. Check in the App store its currently MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1 if you still have Mojave 10.11 or older then you need to update if you can (not all older macs can be updated).

A rare event has happened this week as strange and previously unknow piece of Malware has been found on Macs, its infected almost all Macs that have an internet connection. Nobody knows where it came from or how long its been there. It could be very dangerous as it has the capability to deploy a payload directly into the system. Apple will be releasing a patch (another name for a small update) in the coming days. In the meantime, download Malwarebytes and run a scan.

Flaws, faults and vulnerabilities are found on an almost daily bases in all types of software, manufacturers are getting better at quickly fixing the problems and releasing updates, there are some tools that will help keep you up to date.

On Windows - Patch-My-PC is a free tool that checks on a schedule for updates and automatically downloads and installs them. www.patchmypc.com

On iOS and Android the App store (play-store) will automatically updates apps if the settings is set to do so.  

On Mac - Mac Informer will show you the software that is out of date and help you to go the right site to download the update. http://macdownload.informer.com/mac-informer/

Stay up to date to safe.