My Screen is Sideways


A call for Help? The Cat has been walking on the Keyboard again and NOW! The computer screen is sideways, or upside down!!!!!


Believe it or not, it’s a feature. No, really. It's useful in some situations--for instance, if you have a tablet PC or a video projector.


But if you don't know about the feature and accidentally set it off, it feels like a complete disaster.


Luckily, it's reversible. In XP, Windows 7, or Vista, right-click the desktop and select Graphic Options, then Rotation, then rotate until the screen is correct. Of course, that's easier said than done. Using a Mouse on a screen that's oriented the wrong way is a bit like over-the-shoulder archery using a funhouse mirror. You can't easily tell where the arrow will go.


Alternatively and probably must easier: Press and hold CTRL and ALT together on the keyboard then press the up arrow (for normal view) Right or left arrow (for sideways) or down (for upside-down).