Computer running slowly, Internet Explorer crashing and unexpected errors, or worried about cookies and other temporary files on your computer? There is a very easy answer and it's called Ccleaner it fixes it all these things and a lot more in one easy-to-use program and best of all it's free.

Running a clean once a week can have an amazing effect on your computer, Windows computers use something called temporary files to give you functions like “undo”, or “back button” in Internet Explorer. To allow the computer to do this it creates a small file with all the information and history to allow you to go back one or more steps. Unfortunately Windows is very bad at removing the small temporary files when it has supposedly finished with them, instead it tends to leave them in place and adds new ones meaning you end up with many hundreds or in some cases many thousands of temporary files on the computer. The result of having too many temporary files is that it takes Windows a very long time to look through them all and runs very slowly, running the cleaner will remove all the temporary files thereby speeding up Windows.

How to use C cleaner.

As soon as you start Ccleaner you will automatically be taken into the cleaning mode and on the bottom right-hand side is a “run cleaner” button pressing this button will immediately start the cleanup process. There are no settings that need to be changed unless you specifically want to keep any of the items listed on the left, some people like to keep history or recently typed URLs to make it easier to go back to websites that they visited previously, use the advanced tab for other browsers. I would suggest running this clean up once a week.

Ccleaner also has a registry cleaner built-in, the registry is a central database that tells Windows how to use each program and remembers all the settings and options. This database needs to be cleaned once in a while as broken links, dead ends, invalid entries build up over time, by running this clean it will fix common problems and also speed up the computer. Click on registry on the left, then click “scan for issues” and when the scan is complete click on “Fix selected issues”. It's very important that when you are asked you backups the registry file - failure to do so could result in changes that cannot be undone and can in extreme cases crash Windows. After the registry file has been saved it's then safe to click on “fix all selected issues”. I would suggest running this scan once a month.

Clicking on the tools option on the left will take you to a list of all programs installed on your computer and allow you to uninstall them. If you downloaded a program from the Internet or installed a program from disc and no longer use its then you can remove it from your computer, you need to be very careful not to remove something you need so if you don't understand or don't know the name of the program it's best left in place.

The other options listed in the tools menu are more advanced and should be used with extreme care, you don't want make the situation worse. If the above suggestions have not made any difference to the speed of your computer then you might need some additional help to remedy the problem.

Ccleaner can be downloaded for free from its updated regularly with new functions and more vigorous cleaning so run the updates when you see them.