Backups are vitally important and many of us including myself have learnt our lesson the hard way when we have lost documents or worst photographs.


This usually happens because we’ve forgotten to do the backup or perhaps missed a folder altogether. One of the biggest mistakes people make when backing up is to move data and photos to a backup hard drive and then remove the originals from the computer.


The moment this happens they are no longer backed up!!!


A backup must always be a second copy, this is the most important rule to remember, and the second is to actually do a backup (regularly).


Backups are always one of those things you mean to do but never get around to doing. Well there is a simple solution, an automated backup system that will backup all your documents and pictures to a secure area on the Internet. Which means you won’t need to remember and you will have one less chore to do.


I would recommend using Carbonite online backup, they offer unlimited online storage for 49 euros per year. The information is backed up securely to the cloud and can be accessed via the carbonite software (free to download when you sign up) or directly from the carbonite web site, meaning you will also have access to your document when you are away from home.


Please note: it takes a considerable amount of time to complete the initial backup, it’s not unusual for it to take a week or more. You can continue to use the computer normally while the backup is working. For this to work you will need Broadband internet access, those on Satellite or dial up connection will have to continue to use CD/DVD or external hard drives to backup.


I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important backups are, hard drives are mechanical and can fail at any time, they are extremely delicate and even a small fall can destroy them completely. Computers can get viruses and Trojans which can destroy data. And worst of all accidental deletion, it’s very easy to delete the wrong folder and not realise until it’s too late.


Other online backup systems are available, please do not confuse online storage such as Google drive, Skydrive or Drop box as backups the data in these online drives is NOT protected and can be wiped at any time.