Hand Written Typing



Hand writing is something that some can do very well and can look beautiful, while others especially me have drunken spider syndrome and it looks like I’m writing in code. Many of us type everything and do very little writing and some type very little and write everything by hand.




Well here is something fun for you to try, your very own hand writing as a font on your computer. It’s very easy to do and all you need is a printer, a scanner and a little time, follow the steps below:



  • Visit the following web site and download the Template, www.myscriptfont.com
  • Print out the template.
  • Carefully fill in the template keeping each letter inside its own box (use a good pen).
  • Then scan the completed sheet and save the file as an image (.jpg or .png) to your computer.
  • Then upload the template onto the Myscriptfont.com web site by clicking on browse and locating the image file you saved in the last step.
  • Type in a Name for your font – i.e. Myhandwritting
  • Select Format as True Type Font.
  • Then click “Send File”


After a few moments wait the site will have created your font and will show the font on the screen,




  • Click on the name of your font to save the file. (or right click and save as)
  • Save the file to your desktop or documents folder.
  • Then find the file you saved and double click to open it, your font will be displayed on the screen.
  • For Windows users click the Install button on the top toolbar, for Mac users click on the install on the bottom right. If you have nether install button right click on the file and select install.
  • Now open your favourite writing program (Word, Openoffice etc.) choose your font from the drop down list (the name you chose will appear i.e. Myhandwritting) and start typing in your very own hand writing.
  • Print your document and watch the computer write as you do.


OK it won’t be quite the same as your own hand writing and it won’t be joined up but it’s quite fun and will allow you to personalise your documents.



Note: Your own font might not appear to others if you use it on an email as the other person will not have your font installed on their computer. Some other programs may also require settings to be changed to allow then to embed the font in the saved file, Word, Powerpoint etc. This will allow the other person to view the font without having to install it.