Speed up the Computer


Is your computer running slowly, is Internet Explorer crashing and are you getting unexpected errors, or are you worried about cookies and you wonder why all your hard drive space is being taken up with temporary files? There is a very easy answer to all these problems and it's called Ccleaner. It fixes it all these things and a lot more in one easy-to-use program and best of all it's free. (download from preform). Windows and Mac compatible.


Running a clean once a week can have an amazing effect on your computer, Windows and Mac computers use something called temporary files to give you functions like “undo”, or “back button” especially in Internet Explorer. To allow the computer to do this it creates a small file with all the information and history to allow you to go back one or more steps. Unfortunately computers are very bad at removing the small temporary files when it has supposedly finished with them, instead it tends to leave them in place and adds new ones meaning you end up with many hundreds or in some cases many thousands of temporary files on the computer. The result of having too many temporary files is that it takes Windows a very long time to look through them all and runs very slowly, running the cleaner will remove all the temporary files thereby speeding up Windows.


Cookies are in most cases good, but in some case can be bad so it’s a good idea to remove one’s that have not been using in a while, Ccleaner does this for you. There are no settings that need to be changed in Ccleaner unless you specifically want to keep any of the items listed on the left, some people like to keep history or recently typed URLs to make it easier to go back to websites that they visited previously, use the advanced tab for other browsers.


Clicking on the tools option on the left will take you to a list of all programs installed on your computer and allow you to uninstall them. If you downloaded a program from the Internet or installed a program from disc and no longer use its then you can remove it from your computer.


You can also see a list of all program set to start when the computer is switch on, you can disable program that are not need (just don’t disable your virus scanner). You can also see plugin used in internet explorer and enable to disable then, this help if you are having problem.


There are many programs and utilities that claim to speed up or clean your computer, many of them are extremely dangerous and should be uninstalled. Many remove items or files the computer needs or damage the registry to the point the computer will not start up, Ccleaner with never remove files the computer needed and will only repair the registry  not damage it, so it’s a very safe program to use.


I would suggest running this clean up once a week.