Watching UK TV on your computer.


I’ve written a number of times before about UK TV on your computer, and the various ways and options for watching UK TV (or other services like Netflix or Lovefilm) while in France. The most widely using is VPN (virtual private network) this covers services like Expat shield, iPortal, StrongVPN, these types of service carry a risk. The risk is that the link you make between your computer and the VPN server is two way, it was designed for office staff to be able to access a company server across the internet so the information needs to flow both ways. So when you are watching TV is possible (however highly unlikely) that someone else on the server end could be looking through your computer. It’s for this reason I do not recommend these services, the risk is slight but its still a risk.


The next most popular option is streaming services like Filmon.com they allow you to watch most free-to-air channels live in your web browser or via very good iPad, and Android apps. This site is very good if you occasionally want to watch something and the main TV is being used to watch sports etc. Its also very safe as you are not linking to a remote server, and best of all its free for the standard definition version. They do offer High Definition but only to subscribers.


There is a new option that’s recently become available and I’ve spoken to a number of LFN readers recently about this service its called UnoTelly, you get a free trial and then you need to signup and pay around 5 dollars (3€80) per month. Their service works by rewriting the DNS from your computers internet connection to one of their DNS servers and their server recodes it before sending it to the BBC, ITV, Netflix sites etc. so the sites think they are communicating with your computer as if it were in the UK (I’ve greatly simplified what is actually happening). The advantage it is much faster than VPN and also completely secure as you are not connecting to a remote server. It can be a little tricky to setup, but the quick setup guide they provide is very good. Go to www.Unotelly.com for more information.